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About Us

Treat Today For Many Tomorrows

We are sisters who have been dog lovers our whole lives and understand they’re family.  We feel very blessed that two of our best friends lived to be 20 years old.  At age 10 one of our fur babies developed cancer and they had always struggled with allergy conditions as well.  After much research, we did not feel confident that our pups' kibble was in their best health interest.  So several years ago we began making their food and treats. The result: our boys love them and we feel good about the ingredients.

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Two long haired dachshunds

Better Ingredients

It is said, “The only fault of dogs is that they do not live long enough.”  Our passion is to help you and your pup spend many happy, healthy years together.  Through experience and research we have gained understanding in better health care for our pups and we want to share with you.

The love of our dogs had us questioning how to best care for them.  We developed recipes using ingredients that promoted health and that our Veterinarian Dermatologist approved for our dogs.  We are so thankful we helped them to live happier and healthier lives.



While there are many reasons that determine how long a dog will live, healthy and wholesome food is a big part of the success.  The longer we are dog parents, the more we love them and strive for the best.  We take pride in using organic, non-GMO & natural ingredients as we continue to offer you and your pet only what Ty, Tobie, Mickey & Barney approve.  Brothers for Life Treats was born to help you Treat Today for Many Tomorrows.

~Sandy & Sherrie                

Meet Our Taste Testers

We love all dogs big and small, but these little guys have stolen our hearts. They have blessed and challenged us over the years, and their devotion inspires us to be better people.

  • Meet Barney - I am very energetic and a little shy. My favorite activity is swimming and playing in water. Just like my big brother Ty, I wag constantly and give a lot of kisses. I always eat my cucumbers before my meat!!

  • Meet Mickey - I'm very easy going, I love to warm myself by the fireplace or in the sun and am the biggest kisser you've ever seen. I love blueberries!!

  • Meet Tobie - I'm full of patience, love to take long walks and even though I hardly ever give a kiss I will give tons of hugs. Carrots are my all-time favorite food!!

  • Meet Ty - I'm very smart with leadership qualities and I've never met a stranger. I love long walks and doing tricks. I wag constantly and give lots of kisses. I love watermelon!!

True to All - We are Dachshunds! Persistent, Loving, Curious, Brave, Comical & we like to do things OUR way

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