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Hide your dog's favorite treat in the Rollie-Pollie Pet Puzzle for hours of entertaining play! 13 multicolor cylinders inlaid into the Rollie-Pollie’s frame can be moved to cover three discrete treat compartments. Using instinct, sense of smell, nose and paws, your dog will rotate and move the cylinders until their reward is found.


Made of wood and adorned with attractive canine designs, each Rollie-Pollie Pet Puzzle measures approximately 11 ¼”x6”x 1 1/16”.


Focusing your dog’s attention and energy, the Rollie-Pollie delivers countless hours of pet recreation.


Features: Treat Dispensing Puzzle. Dogs Problem Solve Using Natural Instincts & Dexterity. Focuses Dog’s Concentration & Energy Made of Wood - Attractively Decorated, 13 Colorful/Rotating Cylinders Hide Treats, 3 Treat Compartments – Multiple Hunt & Seek Experiences


Measures Approximately – 11 ¼”x6”x 1 1/16”

Brainiac Rollie-Pollie Treat Dispensing Pet Toy

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